Van cân bằng Meiji Fig.902 – Meiji DI Balancing Valve

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Thông tin sản phẩm Van cân bằng Meiji Fig.902 – Meiji DI Balancing Valve

Van cân bằng Meiji dùng cho nước mã hiệu Fig.902 – Meiji DI Balancing Valve. Hàng sản xuất tại Đài Loan bởi công ty Meiji


• Established H&V practice recommends that wherever possible within heating and chilled water systems, hydraulic losses should be minimal. Thus flow measurement and regulating valves serving such systems should function with pressure losses as low as efficient operation and high accuracy will permit. • However, in certain circumstances where flow velocities are low as a result of system design, itis equally important that adequate differen-tial pressures are available for accurate flow measurement. This re-quirement is achieved on the basis of a realistic compromise between the need for accuracy and low hydraulic loss.

• Flow measurement and regulating valves enable systems design engi- neers to specify standard production valves which will conform to the various system design options arising from current H&V technology, energy conservation considerations and standards legislation.


• Valve confirm to requirements of BS7350.
• Flanged to BS4504 PN16/25, JIS10/16K, ANSI Class 150.

• These are Y-pattern globe valves with tow test point of flow measure- ment.

• Primarily used in injection or other circuits requiring a double regulat- ing valve for system balancing.

• Accuracy of flow measurement is ±5% at the full open position of the valve.
• Some reduction in accuracy occurs at partial opening of the valve in accordance with BS 7350.


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